glitter maker

Studio Trippin is an Icelandic design studio that focuses on material experiments and finding unique solutions to social and environmental issues.

We put importance on an open approach to the design process and to the end result. It could be a product, clothing or even a performance, as long as it fits into the universe of Studio Trippin.

Humour is a recurring theme in our design, we see it as tool to ask (sometimes uncomfortable) questions, for example about politics, speciesism, life and death.

We love to have an open discussion with our audience, getting to the bottom of why we think certain things are beautiful, interesting, ugly or offensive.

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Winning project in the Prototype category for CAMPUS 
Forum Design de Paris.

Studio Trippin nominated for the Icelandic Presidential Innovation Award 2018



Dutch Design Week 2018 / Horse Fur Project at D
esign Perron

Svavarssafn/ Horse Fur Project exhibited at Svavarssafn Art Museum


Endalaust / Horse Fur Project exhibited at Reykjanes Art Museum

DesignMarch / Horse Fur Project exhibited at Slippbió

DesignMarch / Hide Jelly Project exhibited at Forms of Life


glitter maker